About Variables

What is a Variable?

Humley Studio allows you to define and use variables to capture, hold and re-use data through an end-user conversation. This can be important as an end-user may tell you their name, birthday or account number and a variable can be used to capture this and hold it in case you need it.

Variables can also be used to capture information from calls to other systems via integrations. Use variables to pass data or to capture API responses.

How do I create a Variable?

You can create variables in a number of places...

Variables created in the Variables page

Variables can be unassigned - where they are used to hold whatever data is put into them. Or they are can be assigned to an entity. If a variable is assigned it will require the right type of date to hold and also it will actively look for data that it matches in the conversation so it can pre-fill the variable if possible.

Variables are prefixed with the $ symbol.

Variables created elsewhere in the platform

Variables can also be created elsewhere in the platform from a Search & Create field. Variables created this way will not be assigned to an entity, although you can assign it to an entity later - see Change a Variable's type.

Further help

Create a Variable
Change a Variable's type

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Last updated on 20th Jul 2020