About Projects

What is a Project?

Humley Studio is a platform that is designed to make the building of conversational services simple. If you have logged into Humley Studio you will find you can create projects. Each project is a separate service, with its own intents, flows and variables.

How do I create a new project?

You simply click Create Project and follow the steps to create a new project. Each new project will inherit a number of common elements to make getting started easy:

  • Small-talk - a library of common questions or comments end-users make that we support automatically.
  • A few entities - a collection of terms that the system will recognize when used.
  • Conversational Components - that smooth out the rough edges of a conversation.

You can edit all of these to customize them to your conversational assistant its personality, but they are automatically created to make launching a service simple.

Who can edit and manage a project?

You will find, right now, only the creator of a project can edit and manage the project. However, you can contact us to upgrade to distribute the management of your project.

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Last updated on 3rd Apr 2020