About Projects

Humley Studio is a platform that is designed to make the building of conversational services simple. If you have logged into Humley Studio you will find you can create projects.

What is a Project?

Each project is a separate service, with its own intents, integrations, flows, entities and variables.

How do I create a new project?

You simply click Create Project and follow the steps to create a new project. Each new project will inherit a number of common elements to make getting started easy:

  • Smalltalk Intents - a library of common questions, comments and niceties end-users make that we support automatically
  • A few Entities - a collection of terms that the system will recognize when used
  • Extensions - that let you get 'under the hood' and smooth out the rough edges of a conversation

You can edit all of these to customize them to your conversational assistant's personality, but they are automatically created to make launching a service simple.

What types of project are there?

You have the choice of two different types of project -

  • Conversation is the standard project type that allows you to build a Conversational AI assistant that can answer your customers questions and take action on their requests. Add Intents to develop your knowledge base, create Entities and Variables to extract key information from sentences and store them for later use, and build Flows in order to craft structured conversations that trigger Integrations that provide outcomes via external services.

  • Knowledge Search projects offer an easy way for your customers to search documents for the information they need. Multiple Knowledge Search projects can be brought together, usually orchestrated by a single Conversation project, to enable the surfacing of data from multiple sources. You can also create intents and entities, view analytics and deploy your experience via our Knowledge Search API, although certain features like Flows, Variables and Integrations are not applicable to this project type.

Who can edit and manage a project?

The creator of a project automatically gains the role of Project Owner. They can build and make changes to their project and edit its settings. They can also invite other tenancy users as either a Collaborator or fellow Project Owner.
A Collaborator can also build and make changes to the project, but will be unable to change some settings or invite and manage other users.

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Last updated on 20th Jul 2020