Template Integrations

Template Integrations allow you to quickly add pre-built interfaces between your conversational assistant and a third-party app. You can collect information and then call the Integration in a Flow.

Like Custom Integrations, a Template Integration consists of two main parts - a Base URL and one or more Integration Requests. However, the Base URL and Requests have already been pre-built for you - you will just need to enter some authentication details to get started.

To set up a Template Integration, follow these steps :-

Select an Integration Type

From the Integrations page, click Create Integration

In the sidebar, choose the Templates Integration type.

Select a Template

Select a Template from the list.

Add the Template

Once you've selected a Template from the list you will need to enter some details. The type of information needed will differ depending on the Template chosen. However, it will normally require you to -

Add Template Details

Enter in the sidebar -

  • Name
    Give the Base URL a name. All Base URL names must be unique within the Project.

  • Description (optional)

Add Configuration Details

Details required here will depend on the Template chosen. They will usually include authentication credentials needed to connect to the outside service.

Save the Template Integration

Click Create Template to create your new Template.

Your new Template Integration will be shown on the Integrations list page.

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Last updated on 20th Jul 2020