Create a Base URL

A Base URL is the starting point for a Integration in Humley Studio. This will centre around the URL of the outside service being used.

In the following step-by- step example, we will :-

From the Integrations page, click Create Request

Create Request Humley Studio

In the sidebar, click Create Base URL

Create Base URL Humley Studio

Add the Base URL Details

Specify details for the Base URL

Enter in the sidebar -

  • Name

    Name the Base URL. All Base URL names must be unique within the Project.

  • Description (optional)

  • URL

    The first part of the URL that will become the base of all calls to that API, although you can choose to change it in its child requests if necessary.

Add Base URL Details Humley Studio

Choose Authentication

Specify the authentication method & details for the Base URL

Enter in the sidebar -

  • Authentication Type

    No Authentication The default.

    Basic Authentication Selecting this will require you to enter a Username and Password that will be used by the API for authentication.

Add Autentication Type Humley Studio

Add Headers

Specify the headers, if applicable, for the Base URL

Enter in the sidebar -

  • Headers (optional)

Add Headers Humley Studio

Save the Base URL

Save your new Base URL

Click Create Base URL to save your new Base URL

The Base URL for your new Integration will be shown on the Integrations list page. As the newly-created Base URL has no child Requests, the Create Request sidebar will be open ready for you to create one. See how to Select a Base URL on the Create a Request page to continue.

Base URL Saved Humley Studio

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Last updated on 2nd Oct 2019