About Integrations

What are Integrations?

An Integration is a way that your service (chatbot) can communicate with other software systems. Humley Studio has been designed to make it as easy as possible to set up a new integration, and then to use it multiple times and in multiple ways in the service itself.

The most common uses of integrations are to fetch information ("what is the weather?"), perform an action ("reset my password") or to update information ("update the status of that order to URGENT").

What integrations are supported?

Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs) come in many different forms. One of the more popular is called a Rest Interface, that allows one system (Humley Studio) to perform a range of functions known as DELETE, GET, PUT, POST, PATCH.

These can be for APIs with no authentication or Basic authentication. Token authentication will be supported soon.

How do I set up and run integrations?

Humley Studio makes setting up integrations as simple as possible. There are three steps to setting up an integration:

  1. Moderate: Create the Base URL, add the authentication details
  2. Advanced: Create a Request to that API so the inputs and outputs are declared
  3. Simple: Call the API from your flow, use request parameters and response definitions to pass information to and from the API

How do I know it works?

Currently, in order to test your integration, you will need to trigger it from a Flow. You can then check the Integration's output by running the Test Client - click Test Client at the top-right of any page.

Further help

Step by step

Create a Base URL
Create a Request

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Last updated on 2nd Oct 2019