Welcome to Humley Studio. We have designed Humley Studio to allow you to be the expert about your company & the services you offer, instead of you needing to be an expert in chatbots and artificial intelligence.

Humley Studio takes a number of AI and data analytics technologies from a number of the worlds top AI providers and orchestrates them together to make exciting and powerful chatbots possible. Your job is to use the Humley Studio tools to create assistants, chatbots, knowledge hubs that can reflect your business needs.

Humley Studio is based on the following principles:

  • Utterance: What the end-user, your customer, says.

  • Response: What your chatbot says back to the end-user.

  • Intent: How you create classes of responses that you want to support e.g.' I have lost my credit card', or 'What is my account balance?'.

  • Training: How Humley Studio takes the user inputs, intents, and responses and trains the Natural Language Processing AI systems to understand your end-users better.

  • Flow: How you can guide the end-user through various choices or questions to reach a conclusion e.g. 'What date would you like an appointment?'.

  • Entities: How you can create types of information that you may want to be used e.g. Days of the week, account types, shoe size, etc.

  • Variables: How you can capture data from the end-user and use it to make decisions or to send requests to other systems

  • Integrations: How you can connect to external services to make changes, ask for information or register updates.

With these concepts, you can build a chatbot service that uses the power of the best of breed technology in the market and yet allow you to control, edit and craft the conversations and actions easily using our intuitive tools.

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Last updated on 27th Jan 2020