Frequently Asked Questions

How can my colleague also get an account?

Currently, Humley Studio accounts are available on request. In order to invite your colleague to receive an account, please email

How do I invite others to work on my project?

If you are already with working with Humley and have access to our tooling, please contact your Humley Studio administrator and they'll be able to give you access. In the scenario, you haven't been given access and you'd like to get started. Please contact us at for more details.

Can I see the roadmap?

The Humley roadmap is available upon request. To receive a copy please contact

Where can I test my service?

Your Humley Studio projects can be tested using the Test Client window. Click Test Client at top right of any page.

How do I give feedback?

We are constantly looking to improve our products and we welcome feedback. If you have any feedback you wish to send then please email to If you wish to join our alpha team and become part of our team of customers who help us steer our product roadmap then please email

Who can I talk to about my project?

If you have any questions about how to design your project, just contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

Why would I create a component, rather than a bigger flow?

Humley Studio is designed to make building complex and world-class services as easy as possible. When creating conversational flows, we believe in making them as modular and manageable as possible.

If you want to create large flows, then feel free. But if you want to break down the flow into separate constituent parts then Components allow you to do that.

Components also allow you to re-use sections of flows, although this may need careful planning.

How much does Humley cost to use?

For discussions about Humley Studio commercials then please contact

Can I get access to my data from Humley?

The Humley studio platform will soon have a 'reports and analytics' page for a dashboard of user activity. However, we have opened our data repository for you to extract your data from our platform using the data APIs. Information about our Data APIs and our other API services go to

Do you have web-client templates?

We will be working on a collection of web-based client templates over the next few months. To access the templates please visit

How do I transfer an account from one user to the next?

Currently, Humley Studio accounts are managed within Humley. If you wish your project to be transferred to another active Humley Studio Account you will need to request that at

Can I take my service live?

Humley Studio is built to scale and can manage over 1m conversations per day. However, for commercial purposes, we would request you notify us of any plans to launch your project. Please contact to discuss this further.

Do you support other languages?

Humley Studio is designed to be able to offer a multi-language service with the base language being English and using professional translations for any outbound communication to users. The Humley Studio tools will be updated to support this in Q3 2019, but in the meantime please contact

Can you do spell checking?

Humley Studio can provide a spell checking capability. In order to activate, we will need two sets of data:

  • Protected words: a comma-separated list of all of the misspellings you use in your product (brand names etc).
  • Abbreviations: a comma-separated list of all the abbreviations you use in your service.

Send these through to and we will activate the spelling capability for your project.

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Last updated on 20th Jul 2020