Quick-Reply Buttons

Use Quick-Reply buttons in a Flow to offer the end-user a range of responses, to a question in a Gather or Confirmation module, in the form of buttons.
If you're gathering the user input into an entity or entity-assigned variable, make sure that the quick response contains a valid value to avoid the button triggering a Fail Response.
The option to add responses manually as 'chat' is still available to the end-user.

Currently, these buttons are automatically rendered in the Test Client window, but can also be used to pass key value pairs to a web channel in order to be used there, by bespoke buttons for instance.

Add Quick-Reply button

To add a Quick-Reply button to a Gather module in a flow -

  1. Expand the Gather modules's Prompt section.

  2. Open the Advanced Options menu and select Add Metadata

  3. Enter in the Metadata section the following key value pair -

    • Name
      Text - quick_reply

    • Value
      Text/Entity/Variable - value will be both the button's label and the response returned on click

    Repeat to create as many buttons as needed.

Ensure to repeat the Quick Reply buttons on the Gather module's Fail section (to ensure that the buttons are re-presented in the event of an invalid user response).

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Last updated on 20th Jul 2020