Managing Flows and Components

You can carry out a number of actions in order to manage your Flows and Components.

From the Flow list page, hover over the relevant Flow or Component and click the More menu on the right.
Select one of the following options (for Components, substitute Flow with Component):-

Edit Flow

Use this option to open the Flow's canvas, ready for editing. (Simply clicking the Flow line on the list will also open it on the Flow canvas.)

Edit Flow Details

In the sidebar, you can edit -

  • Flow Name, Flow Description, Exit Entity, and Exit Text

  • You can also change the Flow type i.e. change a Flow into a Component and vice versa -

    • Click the Change Flow Type button.

    • Select the Flow type that you wish to change it to.

    • Click Save Standard Flow (or Save Component) to save the change.

Duplicate Flow

Use this option to duplicate a Flow or Component. Once complete, the copy will appear in the Flow list.

Delete Flow

Use this option to delete a Flow or Component. On selecting, you will be ask to confirm.

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Last updated on 20th Jul 2020