Entity Text Values

You can give an entity a number of values in order to recognise parts of a user utterance, and use them for validation when gathering information in Flow.

Text values can enforce exact matches to acceptable inputs, e.g. you may want to restrict values for the entity @PhoneOS to either “iOS” or “Android”.

You can also give each text value a number of acceptable alternative inputs e.g. the @CustomerCountryCode entity has a number of text values, one of which is “US”. This value can have alternatives of “USA”, “United States of America”, "America" etc. If any of those alternatives are given, the input will be accepted. However, it will be stored as the base value name “US”.

In the following step-by-step example, we will :-

Select an Entity

From the Entity list page, select an entity and click Create Value (If the entity has no values yet, the sidebar will be automatically opened, showing the Text Value & Pattern Value types to choose).

Select Entity Humley Studio

Add a Text Value

Choose the Text value type from the sidebar

Choose Text Value Type Humley Studio

Enter in the sidebar -

  • Value Name Name the value. All value names must be unique within the entity. This will be the value stored, irrespective of any Alternative Text values input.

  • Alternative Text (optional) Add an alternative text value, or synonym, for the base text Value Name. All Alternative Text values must be unique within the Text Value. User input that matches this alternative text will be accepted, but the base text Value Name will be stored.

Add Text Value Name Humley Studio

Add multiple Alternative Text values as required

Add Text Value Alternatives Humley Studio

Click Create Value

Your new text value will be shown in the value list under it's entity

Entity Text Values Saved Humley Studio

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Last updated on 20th Jul 2020