Humley Conversation API

The Humley Conversation API can be used to create a conversational experience on any platform.

Setup Guide

This API uses basic authentication, and each request must be authenticated to receive a response.
To find your authentication credentials -

  1. Click on the ellipses menu (next to the Project name on the left-hand side of the page) and select Manage Channels.
    Here you will see all the live Channel options, plus the Channels that are coming soon.

  2. Click on the Humley Conversation API card.
    Here you can view the project-specific Username and Password for the Humley Conversation API, and copy each your clipboard if needed.

Our conversation API has two key endpoints - Open Conversation and Talk.

Open Conversation is used to start your conversation and receive the assistant's initial introduction message, if configured.

Talk is used for surface responses to user queries and the main request assistant during the conversation.

See our API Reference documentation for more details.

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Last updated on 19th May 2020